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The exact amount is automatically debited on the set date

The exact amount is automatically debited on the set date

However, these cases did not lead to other known infections.

At the beginning of February, the Bundeswehr had brought 126 Germans and their relatives back with a special machine from the city of Wuhan, China, which was badly affected by the corona virus, and the machine landed at Frankfurt Airport. The Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus was found in two returnees, they were brought from Germersheim to the Frankfurt University Hospital and discharged there in mid-February. The people who were not found to have the virus were placed in quarantine for two weeks.

Most people have only mild cold symptoms with chills and a sore throat or no symptoms at all when infected. In addition, there can be a fever, cough and breathing problems, as they also occur with the flu. Headaches or diarrhea are also possible.

The Community Clinic (GKM) Mittelrhein with almost 4,000 employees at five locations needs money at short notice. The clinic association spoke on Wednesday in Koblenz in a message from "a difficult financial situation". It was decided "to extend the credit line with the financing banks". The six shareholders of the company also examined whether to provide additional financial resources in the form of loans or capital contributions. Exact sums were not given. An auditing company analyzes the situation in the clinic network, as previously the "Rhein newspaper" (Thursday) reported.

The company with around 1300 beds is, according to its own information, one of the ten largest employers in Rhineland-Palatinate. It spoke of one as the reasons for the difficult situation "Decline in performance" in the past year in individual hospitals. Planned "Service extensions" could not have been implemented. "The trigger for this was and is, among other things, the well-known shortage of skilled workers in the health sector", announced the clinic association. The city council of Koblenz should deal with the topic on Thursday, the Mayen-Koblenz district council in a special session on Friday. The care of the patients in the hospitals is guaranteed according to the health company.

Shots led to a major police operation in Koblenz on Tuesday evening. About 20 officials were alerted and searched for the perpetrators in the Rauental district, a police spokesman said on Wednesday morning. A car was checked, the occupants of which are said to have fired the shots, according to the investigation. The police assumed that the suspects "in a celebratory mood" shot in the air. Nobody got hurt. The police did not initially provide any further information about the occupants of the car, the investigation continued on Wednesday morning.

In the trial against a 34-year-old Syrian who is said to have posed with the severed head of an opponent, the Higher Regional Court of Koblenz is expected to announce a judgment on February 13th. In the process, the refugee was accused of having posed the head of an opponent of the civil war for a photographer in his home country, after an initial silence, said OLG spokeswoman Petra Zimmermann on Thursday. The prosecution sees this as a war crime.

Including another two and a half years’ imprisonment against the defendant, the defense had called for a total imprisonment of three years and three months in their pleading. The public prosecutor in Koblenz had pleaded for three years and nine months in prison. According to Zimmermann, the demands correspond exactly to the lower and upper end of a range of penalties on which those involved in the process had previously agreed in a mutual agreement in the event of a confession.

The 34-year-old is said to have once joined the armed resistance against the Syrian government. There he got with the head of a soldier "in a way that mocks the dead and demeans his dead honor" posing.non political argumentative essay topics He is not accused of having severed his head himself.

According to his defense lawyer, the Saarbrücken district court had convicted the 34-year-old in November 2018, among other things, of bodily harm and violation of the Narcotics Act. He was arrested in Saarland.

A wolf was run over on Thursday on Autobahn 4 near Salzenforst (Bautzen district). The driver was just about to drive onto the autobahn when the wolf crossed the lane at dawn, as the Görlitz police department announced. The animal remained lying at the scene of the accident and drove another vehicle over the carcass. In the wolf year 2017/2018, 20 dead wolves were registered in Saxony, 16 of them lost their lives in traffic accidents.

Emergency doctors have warned politicians and citizens of a coronavirus hysteria. "We don’t have a medical situation, we have a political situation"said the president of a congress with around 1400 emergency doctors and rescue workers in Koblenz, Jörg Brokmann, on Friday. The new pathogen Sars-CoV-2, for example, led to the quarantine of four pediatricians in the particularly badly affected North Rhine-Westphalian district of Heinsberg and thus to fewer treatments for sick girls and boys. "From my point of view, there has been an overreaction"said the head of the central emergency room at the Aachen University Hospital.

Covid-19 diseases are "a closer look at a slightly more serious flu" usually with a mild course. That is why doctors and office hours assistants without symptoms should not come straight into quarantine and force practices to close. The education of the population and the preparation for the next wave of such diseases should be improved, said Brokmann.

He also recalled the high number of influenza deaths in Germany: as a result of the strong flu epidemic in the 2017/18 season, for example, an estimated 25,000 people nationwide died.

At the same time, Congress President Brokmann welcomed a draft law from the house of Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU). In the event of acute complaints, patients should therefore less frequently come directly to the currently often overcrowded emergency rooms of the clinics. In the future, they should rather be directed to a medical on-call service or a normal doctor’s office via the number of the statutory health insurance physicians, 116117, in less serious cases. This could relieve the emergency rooms, said Brokmann. It would be good, however, if there were only one and not two telephone numbers for patients seeking help, i.e. according to one "Europe-wide specification" for example only 112.

When asked whether a cancellation of the conference had been considered due to the risk of infection from the novel coronavirus, a congress spokesman replied that there were no restrictions from the city of Koblenz as the operator of the Rhein-Mosel-Halle. With the conference participants it was closed "some cancellations" came because her clinics would not have left her out with a view to the Sars-CoV-2 virus — because of the risk of infection or the high workload. At the congress, signs called for preventive hygiene, for example thorough hand washing with soap and subsequent use of disinfectants. The two-day symposium was supposed to end on Friday.

A lucky guy from the Eifel hit the lottery jackpot and won more than 4.3 million euros. The winner ticked the six correct numbers 2, 10, 24, 31, 41 and 49 and also had the correct super number 3 on his ticket, Lotto Rhineland-Palatinate announced on Thursday in Koblenz. He was the only one to secure the jackpot on Wednesday evening.

The winner from the Eifelkreis Bitburg-Prüm is known by name because he had submitted his ticket with a customer card. The tipster had played with a system ticket and also cleared in the lower profit classes. Exactly 4,343,033.70 euros would come into his account in the next few days.

Under the motto "Stop right-wing terror!" several hundred people demonstrated in Koblenz on Friday. A police spokesman said 800 people came to the vigil on the central square. An alliance called for it, including the German Trade Union Federation, the Turkish Community of Rhineland-Palatinate and the Working Group of Turkish Migrants. The aim of the vigil is to set an example against racism, anti-Semitism and hatred after the attack in Hanau, the organizers said.

In the Hessian city on Wednesday a 43-year-old German shot and killed nine people with foreign roots for allegedly right-wing extremist and racist motives. He also killed his mother and himself.

The tax authorities will no longer send reminders for upcoming tax prepayments in the future. The state tax office announced on Wednesday in Koblenz that this saves the state around 220,000 euros in postage and paper costs. So far, the reminders have been issued quarterly, this will now happen for the last time in the first quarter of 2020. In order not to miss an appointment for an advance payment and thus risk a late payment penalty, the administration recommends that citizens and companies who have to make advance payments on their income and corporation tax use the direct debit procedure. The exact amount is automatically debited on the set date.

The expanded squad of the Sorbian football team for the European Championship of the National Minorities (Europeada) at the end of June in Carinthia should take shape by the end of February. It consists of 28 players, 22 of whom will be selected for the final squad at the end of May, the Sorbs’ umbrella organization (Domowina) announced on Wednesday in Bautzen.

The "Serbske mustwo" (Sorbian team) should be recruited from Upper and Lower Sorbs. At the Brown Coal Cup in Cottbus, the Sorbs kickers took fourth place in January. At the last Europeada in South Tyrol they came in twelfth. At that time, the South Tyroleans were able to use their home advantage and defeat a team from the Romance language group of Occitan from France 3-2 in the final.

The privately organized Chamber Music Festival Oberlausitz wants to make a contribution to better coexistence in the region. "The festival concerts create community, which is important for our social cohesion", said the Bautzen District Administrator Michael Harig (CDU) as patron of the music festival on Friday in Bautzen: "Our rural district lives from volunteering, from human interaction, from numerous associations and initiatives that are voluntarily and tirelessly committed to social, societal, church or cultural issues."

The festival has its premiere from April 15th to 19th. A total of seven concerts are planned at six venues, including Milkel Castle, the Baroque Oberlichtenau Castle, Kuppritz Castle and the Baruth Protestant Church. At the beginning there is a concert for children in the music school in Bautzen. The festival wants to bear all costs through sponsors and grant the public free entry. The audience is asked for donations for projects in the participating locations. Artists from ten countries take part in the music festival.

The artistic directors are the Latvian cellist Ramón Jaffé and his daughter Serafina Jaffé (harp). "Classical music has a high priority in Saxony and the numerous beautiful castles and historic churches invite you to play music on it", declared the artistic directors.

In Saxony, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases has risen to four. As the Ministry of Health in Dresden announced on Saturday, a man from the Leipzig district and a woman from the Bautzen district tested positive for the Sars-CoV-2 virus. Both had previously been to South Tyrol and reported to the family doctor or the health department with mild cold symptoms.

Like their spouses, who had negative tests, they are now in quarantine at home. According to the Ministry of Health, other contact persons for the infected were identified and tested and housed in isolation for two weeks.

All four infected people in Saxony are reportedly returnees from northern Italy. The infection was found in a person from Leipzig on Friday. The man is in a special isolation room in the St. Georg Clinic. A first infection with the novel corona virus had previously been detected in Saxony on Monday — in a 67-year-old bus traveler from the Saxon Switzerland-Eastern Ore Mountains district.

On Thursday evening, South Tyrol was classified as a risk area by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). In addition, the Italian regions of Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy and the city of Vo in the province of Padua in the Veneto region are considered risk areas — as are regions in China, South Korea and Iran.

At the state delegate conference of the Greens in Annaberg-Buchholz, two delegates had to leave before the start of the meeting for reasons of prevention. The chairwoman of the Green Youth in Saxony, Merle Spellerberg, and another woman were in South Tyrol within the past two weeks. The health department had imposed conditions. All delegates had to be asked whether they had recently been in risk areas and whether they had symptoms of an illness. At the same time, all participants had to be documented.

A 77-year-old man was hit by a car while crossing Bundesstraße 9 in Koblenz and was fatally injured. The pedestrian wanted to run across the street shortly before a gas station on Tuesday afternoon, the police said. A driver tried unsuccessfully to evade, but collided with the pedestrian. The man was taken to hospital with severe head injuries, where he died after an unsuccessful attempt at resuscitation.

Because they pretended to be a woman on a dating platform on the Internet and allegedly assaulted a man on an alleged rendezvous, two defendants are on trial in Frankenthal from (tomorrow) Tuesday (10:00 a.m.). The public prosecutor’s office accuses the 22- and 23-year-old accused of extortion and dangerous bodily harm. A possible accomplice of the men from Freinsheim (Bad Dürkheim district) is therefore still fleeting.

According to the prosecution, the accused beat their victim at the meeting in September 2019, threatened them with a knife and stole a watch worth 8,000 euros. When the victim asked for the cell phone to be returned, one of the defendants allegedly stabbed him in the back with a knife.

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